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What is a MonkeyFist?

The term MonkeyFist actually derives from the name given to a famous "Nautical Knot".  The "Monkey Fist" Knot originated in the days when Pirates ruled the seas and were wrecking havoc on English merchant ships. When under attack and in order to survive, ships would toss lines to one another to '"Tie" themselves together in order to fight as "ONE" rather than individually. This was their best chance for survival and the ability to deliver their goods.

They needed a knot that could secure a rounded and weighted object at the end of the line. The name sailors anointed this knot was "Monkey Fist". This was an appropriate name for the knot, given the legendary and ferocious strength a Monkey's Grip possesses. For once the Monkey grips on to something with their fist, they refuse to let it go.

Fast Forward a few hundred years and MonkeyFist Marketing is helping companies survive and prosper as they try to navigate through the treacherous waters in the world of Integrated Sales & Marketing. We do this by not just creating and implementing unique and cost efficient programs that stand alone, but by integrating and 'Tying" them all together into a ..."Perpetual Cycle of Results."

We invite you to contact us and see how MonkeyFist Marketing will show you how to grab on to your consumers and NEVER let them go.

Monkey Fist Knot