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Loyalty Rewards

The latest Aberdeen Research shows that companies with Rewards Programs achieve a 280% greater spending from customers and 300% higher customer retention as compared to companies without loyalty programs.

Though the rule of thumb is normally "actions speak louder than words", these words say and mean alot. With our Loyalty Reward Program (with online activation) you get the "words" and the "action". Especially when it comes to answering the question on, How can I cost effectively increase;

  • Sales/Profits
  • Customer Retention/Repeat Visits
  • Data Collecting
  • Customer Appreciation

Our Loyalty Reward Program includes:

  • Simple POS integration by our IT team.
  • Customized Online Loyalty Card Activation Center where you determine the data required for activation.
  • Customize Activation and data capture for Franchise Stores.
  • Online Balance Check
  • Various Backend Reporting Capabilities

The MonkeyFist Loyalty Reward Program can be fully implemented, monitored, and maintained
for as low as $25 per month.

You can view a live MonkeyFist Loyalty Reward Programs at
Blue Moon Loyalty

When on the phone with one of our sales executives, don't forget to ask the role our loyalty reward program plays in our "Fox In The Hen House" phase of the