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eGift Cards

The eGift Card is probably the most under utilized profit generating program in the restaurant/retail industry. At MonkeyFist Marketing we assist our clients in taking a hands on "offensive" approach as opposed to a "defensive" approach in marketing eGift Cards.

The eGift Card is an essential product for all retail/restaurant operations and heavily desired and used by all demographics. Consumers can easily and conveniently send eGift Cards to friends, family members and business associates for any special occasion as well as a business gift from their PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

With an eGift Card you never have to worry about the post office delaying your gift. The eGift Card is delivered instaneously to the recipient with an optional message. Immediate gratification by the sender and recipient of the eGift Card is assured. The MonkeyFist eGift Card number and pin can be manually entered or the bar code on the eGift Card print out or Smartphone image can be scanned into your POS.

MonkeyFist Marketing has put together and incredible one of a kind, Viral Virtual Fundraising program that can will no doubt be the cornerstone of any cause/community  marketing program and simultaneously, easily add 6 figure profits and higher to your bottom line.

MonkeyFist Marketing takes "NO" percentage of your eGift Card sales. It is simply a one time fee. There are so many additional benefits and custom marketing programs that can be used with our eGift Card program.

Please call us at 973-452-0200 or email us at [email protected] to find out how we can quickly and cost efficiently set you up with our eGift Card Program. You can view a current live version at Blue Moon Mexican Cafe.